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1, polystyrene foam insulation brick
2, foam particles mixed lightweight soil and production methods
3, production can pour into method of ball arch plastic filler particles
4, plastic particles preheater
5, continuous crystal method and a device for plastic granules
Six methods of flocculant, waste manufacture CA plastic particles and the special wire drawing machine
7, plastic additives, low dust particles
8, used to make plastics, paint and building materials coloring of inorganic pigment particles and its production method
9, the granular materials or soil deposits in a landfill or other location above the surface of the plastic film on the equipment
10, plastic pellet sinter filter
11, used for cutting plastic particles the method of making the tool
12, plastic processing method of preparation of granular fertilizer
13, plastic particles with pad
14, the tank type plastic particles with pad
15, with foam sandwich filling material particles for clothing
16, waste plastic particles flotation device
17, particle plastic dehumidifying drying system
18 and preparation method of colored plastic or coloured aggregate particles
19, for the production of soluble in plastic colorants method of particle preparation
20, the plastic melt preparation of spherical particles
21, lactam based pigment and its application in the production of colored plastic or aggregation of colored particles
22, the production of colored plastic or polymer colored particles
23 columnar particles, plastic composite additives, production technology and its application
24, waste plastic particles manufacturing methods and their thermal decomposition method
25, the preparation of colored plastic or polymer dye particles
26, azo dyes, their preparation methods and their polymer in the production of colored plastic or colored particles as well as in the hydrophobic fiber materials of the application of the dyeing or printing
27, pyridine ketone dyes and its preparation method, in the preparation of colored plastic or polymer colored particles
28, pyridine ketone dyes and its preparation method and its application in preparation of colored plastic or polymer pigment particles in use
29, forming foam plastic containers of thermoplastic resin particles with composite coating
30, used for plastic material particles adsorption dryer
31, plastic processing with a granular preparation of antioxidants
32, a kind of new technology in producing plastic with inorganic filler particles
33, sterilization of plastic particles and its processing method
34, the use of plastic particles manufacturing high porosity of porous aluminum alloy method and device
35, the use of nanoparticles to form thermoplastic foam plastics to control the method of the bubble hole shape
36, the plastic melt preparation of spherical particles
37, micro particles are embedded markers of plastic packaging
38, rotary tools for granular plastic castings
39, plastic conductive particles and its preparation method
40, plastic granule material filling and emptying method of container transport
41, has a tendency to adhesion of plastic particles, especially in the crystallization of PET and PU particle method and device
42, a kind of long fiber reinforced plastics particles rolling production device
43, waste plastic recycling particles machine
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